Alternative energy, the cost effective way


Just as we are getting used to the pleasures of a sun-filled summer, you suddenly find that the winter is upon us. The investment you made for that lovely swimming pool to ensure qualiy time with family and friends is no user friendly any more because the water is too cold.  Independant tests showed that the average pool owner use his swimming pool effectively 30 days a year spread over a 3 month period.  In our modern society with ever spiralling inflation, fuel cost and the very expensive rand, investing in a pool can be very costly unless you can extend your swimming season. That is exactly what we can do for you.

This is now possible through the use of a solar heating system using free energy from the sun to raise the temperature in your swimming pool with between 6ºC and 12ºC extending your swimming season with eight to ten months a year.  This is achieved by installing very affordable solar heating panels. 

The SUN gives off free energy, Aqua Heating uses that energy to heat your swimming pool and geyser through solar heating panels and systems.

solar pool heating panels

solar heating panels and pool

Pool Heating

The cost of a correctly designed system should equal about 25% the cost of a swimming pool.  Beware of the company or sales person that considers their income to be more important than the result for the pool owner just to clench the business.  The price will be cheaper but the results unsatisfactory.  As leaders in the pool heating industry and one of the most established companies in South Africa it is obvious that AQUA HEATING will favour quality above quanity.

Solar pool heating has brought pleasure to families all around the world for many years.  Through research and development Aqua Heating has perfected this industry to accommodate the harsh South African conditions and now provides comfort swimming pleasure for you and your family.  Let's look at why you should consider heating your swimming pool.

  • It will extend your swimming season with temperatures otherwise unnatainable.
  • Swimming is great fun, healthy and recommended by doctors worldwide and night time swimming need not be a fantasy anymore.
  • A heated swimming pool will allow quality time with family and friends in the comfort and safety of your own home.
  • Children will enjoy a heated pool all year round and it is good exercise for mind, body and stress related illnesses.
  • Solar heating is environmental friendly, safe and free energy provided by the sun.
  • A heated swimming pool will add value to your home and is a great selling feature, maybe the deciding factor.
  • Solar heating for your swimming pool is very affordable and requires no maintenance or extra electricity to function.


       heat pump

heat pump and poo l filtration system

Heat Pump and My Pool

For those pool owners, guest hourse owners or country hotel owners wanting a controlled water temperature in the swimming pool that will allow all year round swimming for medical and/or fitness reasons or for those special guests, a heat pump is the answer.  

The initial capital outly for a heat pump is greater than that of solar heating but the rewards are phenomenal.  

A heat pump uses free energy removed from the surrounding air, intensified, and then transfrerred to your swimming pool.  The process is similar to that of an air conditioner, only in reverse.  

With a heat pump you can easily control the temperature in your swimming pool without worrying about exorbitant electricity bills.  In fact the electricity cost to run a heat pump is more or less the same as an average household geyser.

Heat pumps work great for swimming schools, hotels, guest houses and are more and more installed by home owners with a swimming pool.  It lengthens your swimming season and gives you more time to spend and relax in your heated pool.

In the picture on your left you can see a heat pump with a filtration system which includes a filter, chlorinator and pool pump.


solar geyser piping 

solar geyser inside roof

 200lt solar geyser outside with collector

Solar Heating and My Geyser

Solar heating can also be used to provide free hot water for all household needs.  A high pressure solar system uses the sun to heat the water in a solar collector through a natural process and stores the water in a solar geyser that is provided with electrical back-up to ensure hot water even during the rainy season or electrical load shedding.  A properly designed solar heating geyser system can save you up to 40% to 60% on your ever increasing electriciy account and will therefore pay for itself in no time.  It is free energy from the sun and available in abundance here in South Africa.  

So why pay ESKOM for something that you can obtain free from mother nature.  Rather use the money you save to reduce your bond or to spend on your family needs.  

Let's look at the advantages of having a solar heating geyser system for your household hot water needs.

  • Solar heating will save you loads of money to spend on your family.
  • Solar heating is the only appliance that offers a positive cash back.
  • It will increase the value of your property.
  • Power cuts or load shedding will no longer effect your hot water supply.
  • They can't raise the cost of sun-power
  • It's an asset.
  • It's free and clean energy in abundance.
  • It's a very good selling point if you are in the market for selling your house.
  • Its' very affodable and the right thing to do.
  • Solar heating reduces the demand for fossil fuels.


roll up station with bubble cover for pool

bubble cover and roll up station

Pool Covers and My Pool

The main form of natural heating is by direct sunshine onto the pool.  The main form of cooling is through evaporative cooling, which occurs during the daytime as well as during the night.  The solar pool cover is designed to still let the sun through, but eliminates cooling through evaporation and convection by eliminating air-to-water contact.

A heat retention or solar pool cover as it is known lays on top of your swimming pool surface and keeps the heat from escaping into the air.  A pool cover helps to keep the heat inside the pool especially in winter or when the weather is colder.  

In the top picture you can see a roll-up station mounted on the side of your pool or it can be free standing.  It it more convenient and faster to remove the cover.

When swimming take pool cover off and put it in the shade or under a roof.  This will prolong the life of your cover. Durability of bubble solar covers is approximately 18months, even longer when taken care of.


pool pump

Pool Pumps and My Pool

A good pool pump is a must.  Your pool pump, pumps the water through the filtration system and also through your solar heating panels, that is if you have solar heating panels installed.  Without a pool pump you have no filtration system. 

Sizes depends on your pool size:

  •  .75kw 
  • 1.1kw
  • 1.5kw

By having the right size pool pump and filter, you'll have a clean and brighter pool like the image on the left suggests and you too will spent more time in your pool. 

Contact our office and get a consultant to advise you on the right pool pump size.


pool filter and pool pump

pool filtration system

Pool Filters and My Pool

A clean pool and filtration system is very important to your health and to maximize the performance of your solar heating system.  We therefor offer you, as our most valued client, the following services to minimize workload and optimize the enjoyment from your  heated swimming pool

Pool filters are an essential part of your pool filtration system.  It helps to filtrate the water going into your pool and keeps it debris free.  

A pool filter should be cleaned regularly to ensure a good running system. It prevents your sytem from clogging up and fresh filter sand needs to be added when needed.

Sizes available: depending on your pool size

  • 2 bag filter
  • 3 bag filter
  • 4 bag filter
  • 5 bag filter

It is wise to have a proper pool pump and filter installed.


salt water chlorinator and pool filtration system

Salt Water Chlorinator and My Pool

Having a Salt water chlorinator installed with your pool filtration system is an excellent idea.  The pool water is much healthier and saver if you swallow the pool water by accident.  The salt water leaves your hair softer and does not burn your eyes, which means kids and adults can swim longer without having to worry about their eyes burning from the chlorine in the pool. 

The image on the left shows a salt water chlorinator and panel is fitted with the pool filtration system.  All you need to do is check the system from time to time to see if the indicator shows that you need to add pool salt.  It is as easy as that.